The video calls WhatsApp are already a reality, but so far only were for some privileged users of iPhone and Windows Phone, luckily can now enjoy one of the most anticipated features of the instant messaging application on your mobile Android. It’s important to note that WhatsApp video call are still in beta, so they only work on Android, iOS or Windows Phone if the two call participants have the corresponding beta installed for their operating system. The goal of Facebook’s proprietary application seems clear: to face Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, and Skype. Do not want to wait any longer to try out WhatsApp video calls on Android? Do not worry, it is very simple and accessible.

Download WhatsApp Beta or install the APK:

The beta versions of WhatsApp are the test bench prior to the official launch of all the news, video calls included, and usually come weeks before the final version becomes official, so if you are not interested in testing the video conferences of WhatsApp all points to that in a couple of weeks they will reach the version of Google Play.

But if you want to do a video conference for WhatsApp today, you just have to beta test yourself by registering on your website, so you can download the beta test on your mobile.

If leaving your data does not motivate you excessively, you have the possibility to download the APK of the Beta and install it in your mobile. If this option convinces you more, go to the APKMirror website to download the file and install it like any other application.

You installed it but you can not call?

If you have followed the steps, you still do not have video calls, do not worry because it seems that you are not the only one who is having this problem. For now, the solution we have found is to go to the Applications menu within the Settings and delete the WhatsApp data and cache before running it again. The problem is that you will have to log in and give permissions again, but it is a minor evil in exchange for getting video calls in WhatsApp.

If it does not solve everything, it means that you have not installed version 2.16.318 of the beta. To check it, go to WhatsApp Settings > Information and Help> Information.

How do WhatsApp video calls on Android work?

To test the new feature of WhatsApp messaging app the process is the same as to make a voice call in WhatsApp: Enter the conversation with a person and press the call icon. If everything is correct, and both have the appropriate version of the beta will open a popup window with two options: voice call or video call, where you have to click below is simple to deduce.

If there is no video call in WhatsApp, the caller may not have the Beta or have not made the application data erase, although, in the tests performed by our colleagues in Computer how only the person who Initiates the call has the obligation to delete the data of the app.